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About Darwaaza

1.What is Darwaaza?

It is a unique social media platform cum a talent hunt startup that provides its viewers with fresh content (dance, music, art, poetry, theatre etc.) from college students in India and it's content publishers with opportunities in the entertainment industry

2.What do we offer to our viewers?

We provide our viewers with readily available content from different fields of art, that not only serves as a high source of entertainment but also opens them up to a vast world of talent and exposure. Different ECA societies from different colleges can also watch out for their competitors and publish their own videos and images. Thus, creating a go to place for everyone in their respective circuits (of dance, music, art, poetry, theatre etc.) to upload, share and view content. 

3.How can our uploaders benefit?

Arts and culture are becoming a major part of college life. College remains the most opportunistic time for students to realise their true potential. Keeping this in mind, Darwaaza plans to give a platform to ECA societies as well as individuals to represent their talent on an online space that is exclusively meant for them. Beyond that, Darwaaza also aims at creating a competitive platform where unlike college competitions students and ECA societies don’t compete for certificates or prize money. But they compete for dominating the online space with their content. 

4. How are we exclusive?

Darwaaza aims at making the content readily available so that people seek out our website as a source of entertainment. As for the content uploaders, our website also acts as a platform for showcasing their talent. Thus making our product both an entertainment destination as well as a talent hunt stage.



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