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मै ना टूटने दूंगा,मै ना रूठने दूंगा,तू एक बार हाथ थाम कर देख,मै ना छूटने दूंगा...रूहानियत - ए - जुंबिश का मलाल,तुझे रह ना जाएगा..मेरी शिद्दत देख,तेरा दिल कुछ यूं पिघल जाएगा !!तेरी हर नदामत का,मै तकबीर बन जाऊंगा..तू जो बिखरी तो,मै खुद में समेट लाऊंगा...हां मै !!मै ना टूटने दूंगा,मै ना रूठने दूंगा,एक बार हाथ थाम ले फिर,मै न
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These beautiful evenings need you,Want to spend hours few.These eyes witness a couple every hour,Uttering just 3 words 'where you are?'Cellphone's screen is waiting to pop your name.So then I can loudly exclaim.Hands desire the warmth of your hand,Holding which we can always take stand.Ears are yearning for calls & sleepless nights,Searching for cute fights.My sneakers are asking for long walk,Much stuff to talk.Stomach is waiting to feel butterflies, That tckles upon looking straight into the eyes.Nose aspire fragrance of fondness,The sign of sweetness.Cheeks are missing the blush,I so want that adrenaline rush.Lips are looking forward to talk about you with joy,So they can tell everyone about that one boy.Arms are craving to cuddle,Hankering for the tag of couple.For
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 I run, I run, from time to timeHurrying to escape the streets, a bizzareTo flee from these wholesome crimesSurrounded by tears and painScary men as if they are the ancient armoires.I run, I run, I head for the hillsScurrying through the roads of bazarsComplete misagony, In the eyes of vendors and vagabondsPoverty strucken, in search of foodI flee from these streets of honesty and colludeBarbaric murders and them living in painWhat should I do?I run, I run, in search of paradiseTo let go of the pain burning insideThe heart, it's vulnerable, it criesAnd I run, I run, from time to time.I run, I run, in search of peaceAway from loud voices, That cry for rice and meatAway from the shrill voice of the woman fighting her husband, who drinks and drinksAway, from the vagabonds,
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Just hardwork is not enough, the mindset with which you are working hard with matters a lot. You work because that's what you want to do and the feeling of accomplishment of completing of thing you are working hard on would be incomparable. Don't force yourself to work hard. Work hard because you want to. And in reality, hardly anybody wants to.The feeling of wanting to do something whole heartedly opens many door even with the way you work. And believe it or not with the same input, output would be twice as good. Pressuring yourself into doing something wouldn't let you work free mindedly. It's so important to love the work you do. Also, I think you don't find the work you love, you make yourself fall in love with the kind of work you find attractive. Just like in case
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