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Tanya Rai

My father loves reciting stories from his college days when life was simpler. Nothing fancy, just 4 people living in a flat. Sharing everything, from food to boxers and emotions. He claims “those” times to be the best ones of his life so far. He has a few photographs which he sees every now and then and reminisces those times. Fun times. The easier times.Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media have made sure everybody knows when we breathe, eat, cry, party, attend the funeral, BASICALLY DO ANYTHING at all.Did you even wear that Balenciaga dress to that IT party if you did not share your # OOTD? Did you even go to Germany and ate the best Donor of your life if your 667 followers weren’t aware of it? Did you even witness the prettiest sunset of your life in sol
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