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My father loves reciting stories from his college days when life was simpler. Nothing fancy, just 4 people living in a flat. Sharing everything, from food to boxers and emotions. He claims “those” times to be the best ones of his life so far. He has a few photographs which he sees every now and then and reminisces those times. Fun times. The easier times.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media have made sure everybody knows when we breathe, eat, cry, party, attend the funeral, BASICALLY DO ANYTHING at all.

Did you even wear that Balenciaga dress to that IT party if you did not share your # OOTD? Did you even go to Germany and ate the best Donor of your life if your 667 followers weren’t aware of it? Did you even witness the prettiest sunset of your life in solitude and not click a picture of it?

In a digital age where everything we do or celebrate is also seen or celebrated with so many other people we know (or don't), it is difficult doing something fun and not posting it online.

What if I had the most satisfying coffee of my life or saw the prettiest sunset or read the best book of my life and did not post on my story about it. Was it even real? Did it really happen if my friends (and acquaintances and strangers) don’t know about it?

I was at a cafe once which faced the lake and had the best sunset view with soothing music playing in the background and the tastiest chocolate pie, fresh out of the oven, ready to be eaten. What did I do? I clicked 7 aesthetic pictures of it and posted on my story and waited for validation and envy from the people I hardly knew. (except that Lark was their favorite filter).

By that time I was done replying to the 8 DMs that I received, the sun had set and the pie wasn’t as hot anymore.

I don’t feel we respect moments and time anymore. I feel we are so used to this super-fast world of the internet, we feel everything is a click away. Most of us get impatient waiting in a queue for more than 7 minutes or hate when the electricity goes off and it takes the wifi 3 minutes to reboot. Life sucks then, Am I right?

Our generation is full of anxious people who would rather break up over a text because they cannot hold their emotions longer to actually meet the person and talk about it. We would rather purchase things online because nobody loves a crowded supermarket anymore. We would rather find our soulmate on a dating app because finding the one is too tedious and time-consuming.

We need to take a break. We need to realize what we are missing out on. Next time you take out your phone and are ready to click the most picturesque image of the sky, take a moment and actually enjoy it. When you are ready to click a picture of your gang at a club with flash on (and btw that is PRETTY annoying), take a moment and breathe and see how lucky you are to be so young and carefree. Next time you take a video of your 5-year-old cousin laughing and saying the F word, relax and sit back and let them cuss their guts out because you never know when they would start crying out loud and BOOM next thing you know they’re 10 and fat-shaming you in public gatherings (Yeah, kids are mean as hell.)

Let us live the moment. We have one life. Our stories last 24 hours for everybody to see, but that moment, that particular moment lasts for a second and you don’t wanna miss out on that, right?

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