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The world which we hail from is not like others that we might’ve discovered or maybe even yet to discover. They do say that there is a possibility that life may exist on other planets and even if they do, it won’t be same as ours and what makes us different is our emotions, goals and liveliness. We tackle our lives in wake of emotions, channeled by the passion to achieve the goals we set and define our lives by the people around us. Just look around yourself in the crowd and you’ll see people, who might look the same but are leading a life, much different that ours. They say that everyone feels the same pain at some point in life but they forget to mention the fact that the intensity is different for all. Everyday we get to see a person falling into the trap of issues like depression and anxiety and yet all we do is just say that everything will be fine and become absorbed in the so called issues of ours. We are so inside ourselves and our lives that the pain we feel that we forget the distortion they are in. We don’t need to feel pity or just sympathise the pain that someone is going through but we need to help them. It may just seem like a mess at first but their is an altogether different beauty to this mess which we call life. It is not fair neither was it meant to be. Everyone wants to feel true love and find the home they lived in and can only be done when we start finding the beauty in this distortion, this mess, in this life as it is a journey which is fair to none but given to all.



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