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Take poverty, hunger, politics, religion out of the picture and you have your ideal world. People will have nothing to chase. Money won’t be something you’ll have to struggle for. You won’t have to be working your ass off for feeding your kids. Wars won’t have to be fought for oil or land or freedom because there’s no ruling government. There won’t be any discrimination because everyone is entitled to, and gets equal. Trusting someone is easy as you stand to lose nothing. Love becomes easier. As more worldly things are taken away, life is simplified.

It will be a different sunrise. You won’t feel the need to rush to the office. You won’t feel the need to leave your bed until you want to. And when you will want to, you will get up, stretch your body and release a long yawn. You will look at the clock and see a circle with numbers but no arms in between. Time won’t matter. After all, what is there to keep a record for events happening? They will be the same for everyone. We will all wake up to something we never would have thought. The cries of a dead world, calling out in vain. With red skies over the horizon, we will see the first sunrise over a planet with aimless beings. We will have nothing to do.

As you look out of your house, you will see others still going to work. However, some will question: What happened? Is this real? What does it mean? Is this the freedom, the liberation from society and the perfect world we dreamed of? What did I even do yesterday, and what for? Today is perfect, isn’t it? The newspaper will be filled with words of positivity. No conflict. No struggle. No reason for wars. No one praying to any god for their safety.

Will this be a reality you want to wake up to? Is that the desolation you seek? One still full of people, but no resistance? Is this the utopia we said we would have died for?

And yet, you will change your clothes and don your favourite perfume, even though all of them are the same now, and go to work. Why? Because aimless, we crumble. And with aim? We crumble, slowly.

– From the diaries of a Time Traveler, Status: Lost in the last dream



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