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Pocket Worlds

People immerse themselves into these glass panes, with their eyes glues to how many people are following them on social media or if the person they like has texted them back or not. They see “beauty” because it is associated with the numbers and words on a screen that seems indestructible, just because we can not touch them (apart from the said screens). They see the world through the lenses of their cameras, forgoing the best ones they possess in their own bodies. Along with that, they give up seeing and experiencing the real beauty that the world has. Within a few decades, the “modern man” has become someone who has access to the internet, something that is deemed necessary to “survive” in the modern world.

Surviving is something that, I hope, none of you have truly experienced. And no, I do not count being hungry for 2 days straight in times of great stress and depression because some girl broke up with you, as a valid situation for survival. I do not consider your car breaking down in the middle of a highway and you waiting for the tow truck to arrive so that you can make “back to civilization” as a valid “extreme situation”. No. I doubt any of you who read this, have actually feared for your life because of nature. I can hear you ask “What about nature is to be afraid of?” while you stroll across 3 stray dogs in your streets who haven’t eaten properly in a few days. The same dogs that still wag their tails looking at you, because some days ago someone gave them a packet of biscuits and now they see that person in every new stranger.

One reason you do not need to survive in this world is because we, as a species, have advanced so much that we have changed our environments around us. It began with fire, something we think trivial now. Progressing through the stone age into the bronze age, where man first learned the art of the forge. By the bronze age, even before it, man had become the dominant species on the planet. Man no longer had to survive in the natural order. By forming the construct of society and community, though, man had created another platform, where the principles of survival were different.

Each age since the Stone Age has transformed mankind’s baseline for survival, happiness, and prosperity. Science has always sought the answers to the universe, and man has always used it to his benefit. Technological revolutions in one sphere have always made impacts in another. We are in the age of technology and information, where our lives are unimaginable without our smartphones, computers, internet, and telecommunications. Yet these are the very things that herald in a set of old problems, while also amplifying them. Anxiety, depression, attention deficiency, hubris, superiority and inferiority complexes, and so many more, have been intensified by these new-age technologies. We have access to knowledge on the go, yet most of us choose to spend time reading words of others that we are envious of, see photos of someone we wish we were and see videos of things we could have done, had we just acted.

Even now, you’re looking at the words someone else wrote, on the same glass screens you used to watch a funny video before this. Perhaps it was a not-so-child-friendly video? Who knows? Who cares? I am as much a culprit in this crime of getting lost in these pocket worlds, like you. Yet here I am, preaching these words that I myself do not abide by. All hypocrisy, but in hopes that through this medium of unclear words, I may perhaps instil an idea in you. Time we spend glueing our eyes to these devices, the more we poison our hearts and minds, into believing that these things matter. These numbers, these illusions we put up as proxies for our vines of ego to grow on, will only constrict the life we can have.

Don’t let a seed of life get trapped in notifications.



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