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SDA Bocconi Asia Center

Knowledge Park
Hiranandani Gardens
My father loves reciting stories from his college days when life was simpler. Nothing fancy, just 4 people living in a flat. Sharing everything, from food to boxers and emotions. He claims “those” times to be the best ones of his life so far. He has a few photographs which he sees every now and then and reminisces those times. Fun times. The easier times.Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media have made sure everybody knows when we breathe, eat, cry, party, attend the funeral, BASICALLY DO ANYTHING at all.Did you even wear that Balenciaga dress to that IT party if you did not share your # OOTD? Did you even go to Germany and ate the best Donor of your life if your 667 followers weren’t aware of it? Did you even witness the prettiest sunset of your life in sol
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Take poverty, hunger, politics, religion out of the picture and you have your ideal world. People will have nothing to chase. Money won’t be something you’ll have to struggle for. You won’t have to be working your ass off for feeding your kids. Wars won’t have to be fought for oil or land or freedom because there’s no ruling government. There won’t be any discrimination because everyone is entitled to, and gets equal. Trusting someone is easy as you stand to lose nothing. Love becomes easier. As more worldly things are taken away, life is simplified.It will be a different sunrise. You won’t feel the need to rush to the office. You won’t feel the need to leave your bed until you want to. And when you will want to, you will get up, stretch your
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People immerse themselves into these glass panes, with their eyes glues to how many people are following them on social media or if the person they like has texted them back or not. They see “beauty” because it is associated with the numbers and words on a screen that seems indestructible, just because we can not touch them (apart from the said screens). They see the world through the lenses of their cameras, forgoing the best ones they possess in their own bodies. Along with that, they give up seeing and experiencing the real beauty that the world has. Within a few decades, the “modern man” has become someone who has access to the internet, something that is deemed necessary to “survive” in the modern world.Surviving is something that, I hope, none of y
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